Mark Taylor’s Donald Trump Prophecy & Army of the Lord Prophecy


Mark Taylor is a modern prophet (and a retired Fireman) whom God has prepared for this time. He gave a prophecy back in 2011 about Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. His more recent prophecy about America & The Army of the Lord given October 7, 2015 is just as important.

Each prophecy is quoted and footnoted from the viewpoint of The Army of the Lord – United States. There are many confirmations and parallels. In fact, the Commander-in-Chief prophecy says that the economic reforms, changes, and blessing will be mirrored in the spiritual, meaning great reforms will come to Churches at the same time by The Army of the Lord.

Because the two reforms will be intimately connected (economy & church) for the duration of Trump’s term (1 or 2, or beyond), we include Donald Trump’s Economic Speech following Mark Taylor’s two prophecies, with notes.

The mantle that will fall on Trump as “Commander-in-Chief” will be, according to these prophecies, very significant, and we as The Army of the Lord will work in unison with that mantle to bring about the will and wishes of God. Donald Trump will have his work cut out for him on the political and economic fronts, but who will address the spiritual and religious fronts? That’s the work of The Army of the Lord and the purpose of the books cited below.

We understand God’s will is to usher in The Millennium of Peace, and we will have but a brief time to do it. This entails exposing deception in the body of Christ, preaching the original Good News that Our Lord taught, and closing (or converting) all churches and putting human unity above Christian pettiness.

There are no churches in Heaven, there will be no churches during The Millennium. If we cannot reform and unify Believers during this window of opportunity, the antichrist will come, the faithful will be removed, and it will set the horrors of the Revelation of John in motion.

Many prophecies will be fulfilled during this time, they (and us) will bring in the “greatest harvest” (i.e. true conversions) the world has ever known – this is the goal. Donald Trump, according to another prophecy (by Tony Bennett) is God’s “Trump Card” and He will “outsmart” all the plans that the Evil One has in store and Cut His Work Short In Righteousness, ushering in a Millennium of Peace. Great blessings await planet earth on various fronts: energy, science, and technology. But those advances won’t come to a divided and disharmonious populace.

4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. (Isaiah 2)

Commander in Chief

April, 28th 2011

The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this. For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged. The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed [1].

They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it 7 fold back to the United States [2].

The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again. The Spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand-in-hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before. The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word [3], when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him [4]. This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless [5].

The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America [6].

The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. Let them waist their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep [7] for the man I have chosen. They will say things about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck  protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president [8].

Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him [9] says the Spirit of God.

[For the full interview listen to the Monday, April 18th 2016 edition of TRUNEWS or read his original prophecy here:]


1. Anointed

Whether people believe God has “anointed” any modern rulers is a fair question. According to the Bible, He did in ancient times (Nebuchadnezzar). The Bible also records that God chooses “all” rulers. God “anoints” people whenever and wherever they are needed to bring about His purposes. No class of persons has the monopoly on God’s favor.

If God is going to anoint (presumably “highly anoint”) a President of the United States then it will be no small thing. The length of this [special] anointing will officially begin after he is sworn into office and continue through the duration of his term(s). Assuming this anointing will be wonderful for the citizens of America, no doubt they would want to re-elect him, thus, the anointing should be expected to last for 8 years or unless Donald Trump refuses to give the Most Holy Father God all credit.

8 years (or 4 years) may be all that is needed to usher in the Millennium of Peace, with the help of The Army of the Lord. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see President Donald Trump hand over ruler-ship of America to the Lord Jesus Christ? This should be the goal, motive, and aim for the term(s) of Donald Trump, and with God’s help it will come to pass.

2. Sown

What has America “sown” all these years? The Government of the United States has given literally trillions of dollars in aid to every nation on earth, whether directly or indirectly. Is this what Our Lord is referring to? If it is, a seven-fold harvest would be tremendous. Let us keep in mind during this time that only the righteous will enjoy said rewards and they will no doubt put them to good use eliminating hunger, disease, inequality, etc. or – establishing the Millennial Peace. Think how rapidly the world will move ahead in all areas, including scientific exploration and the realization of technologies we’ve only seen in movies such as Star Trek or Star Wars. If it is God’s will to restore earth to its pristine state like it was in the era of the Garden of Eden, it is believed that the highly advanced technologies that were given to earth’s early inhabitants will be restored. Many of the unexplained archaeological discoveries – as found in pyramids and more – will be understood and utilized again.

If what America has sown is referring to her spiritual services in spreading the Good News of Our Lord, there has been plenty of that as well. Many souls have been “saved” by missionaries and evangelists sent forth from this nation over the centuries. If the 7 fold return is purely a spiritual return, that could account for the coming prophesied glory due to come at any time. The other possibility is that it is both – minus the harm certain factions within the government, corporations, and individuals have wrought.

3. Man Of His Word

We can view this character trait as the fruit of a highly anointed and confident person.

4. Greater In Him Than Any Before

This is a powerful statement and means that Trump will do more and be anointed more than any other President. Therefore, we should expect a modern-day demonstration of what it looks like when God highly anoints a President, that will be on a “Biblical scale,” which would be in line with ushering in the Millennium of Peace. This is bigger than just the United States.

5. Fearless

This is another trait of a highly anointed individual. What at first looked like the mindset and opulence of an entitled aristocrat, it now appears to have deeper roots. “Highly anointed” and “fearless” is a perfect storm to bring about the prophesied Millennium of Peace. This fearlessness is a state of being that will come from the Spirit of God, and that same spirit will be upon The Army of God (and the citizens of America), and I am certain many of them feel it now.

6. Spiritual Harvest Will Parallel

It is important for The Army of the Lord to comprehend the fact that what God is planning to do in the natural, i.e. the political and economic, will parallel in the spiritual, so all those spiritual prophecies about an End Time Harvest with great power and signs, etc. will happen during this period. These are the details of what everyday life is going to be like, the how’s and why’s, etc. For example, this provides us with insight into some of the expectant wealth transfer from the wicked to the righteous. It will be wonderful to see darkness pushed back, the incoming light, repentance, healing, restoration of marriages and broken relationships, and many souls returned to who they are and to God.

7. Clean Sweep

There may be no greater evidence of God’s hand than just how wide of a “clean sweep” it will be. It will be like opening the floodgates of all that is to come, therefore, it will be big, more than “no contest.”

8. God’s Feathers Will Protect

God and “feathers” will be a new concept, but for some, they know it as one of the most intimate showings of God, which means, God Our Father is taking an active part in this, much like King David experienced:

7 In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried to my God: and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry did enter into his ears.
8 Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundations of heaven moved and shook, because he was wroth.
9 There went up a smoke out of his nostrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it.
10 He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and darkness was under his feet.
11 And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind.
12 And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters, and thick clouds of the skies.
13 Through the brightness before him were coals of fire kindled.
14 The Lord thundered from heaven, and the most High uttered his voice.
15 And he sent out arrows, and scattered them; lightning, and discomfited them.
16 And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundations of the world were discovered, at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of his nostrils.
17 He sent from above, he took me; he drew me out of many waters;
18 He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me.
19 They prevented me in the day of my calamity: but the Lord was my stay.
20 He brought me forth also into a large place: he delivered me, because he delighted in me.
21 The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness: according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me.
22 For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God.
23 For all his judgments were before me: and as for his statutes, I did not depart from them.
24 I was also upright before him, and have kept myself from mine iniquity.
25 Therefore the Lord hath recompensed me according to my righteousness; according to my cleanness in his eye sight. (2 Samuel 22)

9. News Media Change Sides

One of the biggest hurdles or wars that has waged here in America (and the rest of the world) has been with the media being pro-atheism / anti-God. For that to change will seal the deal that America will return to its Godly heritage and truth will once more be respected. This will be a tremendous victory for workers of good and light. We should see new faces in the media that are pro-America, pro-God, pro-Israel, pro-Conservative values, pro-Family, pro-Life (human and animal), etc.

America & God’s Army

October 7, 2015

“America, I have chosen you as the launching platform [a] for the world [b] by an assault on the spiritual oppressed [c] peoples of the earth. People will say, ‘How are we chosen? It’s as if America is frozen.’ Am I not the God of the universe, of all creation? I have heard the cries of My people [d] that have sought my face, and I will heal their nations [e]. People will ask how I will do this.


“The ARMY of God, out of the darkness I command you to arise and to take your place [f], for I have given you extra time, mercy and grace. Go, go, go. Do not slow down. Begin to hold [take] your ground [g] for there is no more time to waste.  America will once again be the GREAT LIGHT. The enemy will say, ‘Oh, the LIGHT, the LIGHT shines so bright.’ There is nothing else left to do but to take flight. And indeed they will [flee]. The sign will be a mass exodus in the natural as the spirits will flee as soon as he takes the oath [January 20, 2017] [h].”


“The gate keeper, the gate keeper, the President of the United States is the spiritual gate keeper [i]. I have chosen this man Donald Trump and anointed him as President for such a time as this. Can you not see this? For, even in his name, ‘Donald’ means ‘world leader.’ The spiritual connotation means ‘FAITHFUL’ and ‘TRUMP’ means ‘to get the better of, outrank or defeat someone, or something’ – often in a highly public way [j].”

“This man I have chosen will be a FAITHFUL WORLD LEADER and together with my ARMY will defeat all of America’s enemies IN THE SPIRITUAL and in the NATURAL [k]. You will see it manifest before your eyes. I will use this man to shut the gates, doors and PORTALS this past president has opened. He will open gates, doors and PORTALS [l] this past president has shut. “

My ARMY shall not be silent [m]. They will begin to see he is the one I have chosen. They will begin to RALLY AROUND HIM and KEEP HIM COVERED IN SPIRITUAL SUPPORT [n], and as you gain ground they will say ‘America is not frozen’ [o].”


a. Launching Platform

It has always been God’s plan to create a new nation that would usher in The Millennium of Peace – that is The United States of America. Some argue that America got off course when Believers put their own interests above that of their fellow countrymen, a “cutting off our nose to spite our face” scenario. Our Lord told Mark Taylor that the reason America got another term of an anti-Judeo-Christian president was because Believers had not petitioned God enough for something better.

b. The World

We, The United States of America – who have been given much, are expected to do much. We ARE responsible for leading the world to peace and prosperity, not servitude and destitution where only a few prosper.

c. Spiritually Oppressed

This was known and foretold. The following major prophecy applies to The Army of the Lord and not just Jesus when He was on earth:

1 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;
2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; (Isaiah 61)

When people are no longer in bondage to selfish ends (i.e. spiritual freedom), that will lead to physical freedom. No man lives in a bubble, our spiritual environment becomes our neighbor’s, and before long, entire neighborhoods and nations reflect the same. Though Christianity has gone throughout the entire world, the form of it has been divisive, spreading error. By fixing the errors and deception in the body of Christ we can bring peace to America and the whole earth.

d. Heard Cries

We will see that faith not only moves mountains, but moves God Himself:

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7)

God wants GREAT faith NOW, so He can provide GREAT things NOW, like ushering in the prophesied Millennium of Peace – for the WHOLE earth:

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4)

e. Heal Nations

Other nations look to America for leadership, both physically (politics and economics) and spiritually (teachings and teachers). We will “heal” other nations by getting our own house in order first, and others will do likewise.

f. Army Arise

Are you part of God’s Army? Are you hearing His clarion call? This last days Army of God has been foreordained to come forth at this time, which means there are many who feel they were born for a special purpose which has not materialized yet, or they could not define it until now. This site and books are designed to both inform and equip God’s Army. They cannot go forth if they do not know what’s going on or what’s at stake:

15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent [informed]? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! But they have not all obeyed the [true] gospel. (Romans 10)

g. Begin To Take Ground

We do not have permission to override a person’s free will, but we do have permission to bind and cast out demons and entities that are cohabiting with people, groups, or places. We are authorized to address them directly. Did Jesus ask the possessed if He could help them before casting out demons? NO.

19 Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16)

Read that verse from this viewpoint – you have demons who have “bound” themselves to people and places, that can be “loosed” from those places and sent to hell. There are curses bound to people that can be broken, generational curses, etc. Likewise, God’s standing Heavenly Army is waiting – as we speak – to move on our behalf; we activate them when we speak forth the promises of God. Speak and don’t hold back.

h. Great Light

It is no accident here in America that instead of our wicked rulers being greedy and stingy about who they let in; they are doing the opposite. Such an asinine thing only makes sense if we examine it from its spiritual viewpoint. Thieves, liars, deceivers, murderers, etc. they all carry the darkness of guilt with them, multiply that by approximately 30 million “illegals,” and now we can see how it hurts America, and benefits Satan – by spreading darkness – literally. Just because someone leaves their car unlocked does not give a stranger permission to open it and take whatever they want.

That’s not the only way darkness has spread. People who illegally employ undocumented migrants do so out of greed, they know they’re breaking the law and are thus in league with darkness. Each illegal, used by an enabler of darkness, multiplies the number of purveyors of darkness to 50 – 60 million or more. That’s a lot of darkness. As the fire of justice burns across this nation, the abusers will become even more uncomfortable and will flee from the light and justice. By this one act alone, i.e. the removal of illegals who abuse the system and their accompanying darkness, America and her inhabitants will find it easier to work, think, and live. Oh, how great the light will be after the expulsion has taken place.

i. Spiritual Gate Keeper

The relationship between wicked rulers and cursings, and righteous rulers and blessings is a well-known dynamic demonstrated throughout history. You could say the same for parents, pastors, and anyone who governs over others.

j. Open Display

God is planning on making an “open display” of His judgments on the wicked, and blessings upon the righteous. Though Satan lurks in the shadows, he likes to openly embarrass God, Saints, and anyone who does good deeds:

No good deed goes unpunished.

That nonsense will soon end.

k. Spiritual & Natural

What God is about to do in the natural (i.e. politics and economics) will be mirrored in the spiritual (religion and churches).

l. Portals

Spiritual “portals” or doorways are a real dynamic that Jesus showed modern prophet Mary K. Baxter (and others). Worshipers of Satan, witches and warlocks, workers of black magic, users of the Ouija Board, Palm Readers, speakers with the dead, spirit channelers, etc. are themselves “portals.” When evil is allowed to flourish, the number of portals to evil increase and the portals to God and His Spirit diminish:

19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? (Isaiah 8)

One of the gifts God’s Army can have is the Discernment of Spirits, of the existence of evil portals. Then, they can bind that portal and close it down in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

m. No Longer Silent

This is an acknowledgement that God is aware of our thoughts. The faithful have been quite perturbed by unholy alliances in the Church, among politicians, etc. and soon, as Trump demonstrates that it’s okay to speak your mind, so too will others feel it is okay to speak their mind. The favorable environment conducive to righteousness and integrity will at last prevail. No longer will the press, unethical politicians, and Hollywood get away with portraying wickedness as happiness. Instead, the diligent and righteous will be admired and sought after.

n. Spiritual Support

Men of good will and faith everywhere should cover our soon-to-be President with love and prayer that he will prevail, prevail, prevail.

o. No Longer Frozen

Whereas America seemed to be locked down with the status quo of evil dominating everything, God is about to break those chains with Donald Trump and soon America will be on fire for good not evil – like she was meant to be – until a Millennium of Peace results.

Birth Pains

“Zion” is The Millennium of Peace and God intends to bring her forth:

8 Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.
9 Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.
10 Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her:
11 That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.
12 For thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees.
13 As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem.
14 And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of the Lord shall be known toward his servants, and his indignation toward his enemies. (Isaiah 66)

Shall I bring the world to the point of harvest and not harvest her, or to a banquet and not let you eat, or more pointedly, the pains of childbirth and not deliver?

Trump’s Economic Plan

“It’s Time To Make Christianity Great!”

But if we’re going to deliver real change (1) , we’re going to have to reject the campaign of fear (2) and intimidation (3) being pushed by powerful corporations, media elites, and political dynasties (4). (p.3)

1. Real Change = we can’t keep doing “church” it has not brought peace or unity.
2. Fear Campaign = focusing on the dark prophecies is fear-mongering and unbecoming to true Believers.
3. Intimidation = does Church empower individuals or bring them under submission to someone else: priest, pastor, pope, prophet, etc.
4. Dynasties = There are many groups making a living off of the products of churches and fear-mongering authors including well established TV networks, publishing houses, marketing firms, etc.

The people who rigged the system for their benefit (5) will do anything – and say anything (6) – to keep things exactly as they are (7). (p.3) 5. Rigged System = to be needed and relied upon.
6. Say Anything = how they interpret or ignore verses.
7. Keep Same = pastors admit they are staying because they have no other means of employment (see Barna Group for statistics).
I want you to imagine how much better your life can be (8) if we start believing in America again (9). (p.5) 8. How Better = eye on the prize: Jesus, His return, and Millennial Peace instead of self-serving churches.
9. Believe America = believe in Millennial Peace; put people and communities ahead of churches.
I want you to imagine how much better our future can be (10) if we declare independence from the elites (11) who’ve led us to one financial and foreign policy disaster after another (12). (p.5) 10. Better Future = not weak or divided; a Millennium of peace.
11. Declare Independence = come out from churches (2 Cor.6:17).
12. Led Disaster = their leadership and way of doing Christianity has failed.
Now it’s time for the American people to take back their future (13). (p.5) 13. Take Back = young lion among sheep (Mic.5:8 – Christians = remnant, Gentiles = churches); now is the time for Christians to take back their communities from churches.
That’s the choice we face (14). We can either give in to Hillary Clinton’s campaign of fear, or we can choose to Believe In America (15). (p.6) 14. Choices to Face = submit to others, follow fear, and believe in the Antichrist, or submit to Christ and His Good News, follow hope and believe in Millennial Peace.
15. Fear or America = Millennial Peace or Antichrist.
We lost our way when we stopped believing in our country (16). (p.6) 16. Stopped Believing = Jesus’ Good News, communities, and Millennial Peace.
It is the consequence (17) of a leadership class (18) that worships globalism over
Americanism (19)
. (p.7)
17. Consequence Leaders = Christianity is in this state because of bad church leaders (false teachers (2Pet.2:1), false apostles (2Cor.11:13), false prophets (Mat.24:11,24), false spirits (1Tim.4:1).
18. Leadership Class
= Church leaders, often family dynasties: Joel Osteen took over his father’s church (Lakewood Church), Kenneth W. Hagin took over his father’s church and Bible college (Rhema Church & Bible Training College), Richard Roberts took over his father’s evangelist organization and university (Oral Roberts Evangelist Assoc. & University), Matthew Crouch took over his father’s television network (TBN); Gordon Robertson is taking over his father’s television network (CBN); Matthew Hagee is taking over his father’s church (Cornerstone Church), Perry Stone Jr. inherited the following of his father, etc. 
19. Globalism -v- Americanism = They dominate the world with their stuff -v- unity & Millennial Peace.
This is a direct affront to our Founding Fathers (20), who wanted America (21) to be strong, independent and free (22). (p.7) 20. Affront Founders = Jesus is the founder of Christianity and what so-called “Christians” have done to it in his name is an “affront” to Jesus Christ.
21. America = Christianity.
22. Strong Independent = Christians were not meant to be subjects of religion, that’s what the Law of Moses did. God wants us strong, independent, and free to be ourselves in service to others.
240 years after the Revolution (23), we have turned things completely upside-down (24). (p.8) 23. Revolution = Protestant Reformation.
24. Upside Down = Protestants wanted out from under the thumb of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and yet many Protestants are under the thumb or authority of their church or denomination.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to declare our economic independence once again (25). (p.9) 25. Declare Independence = The Colonists declared independence from an oppressive monarchy, Americans need to declare independence from their oppressive churches.
One: I am going to withdraw the United States (26) from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (27), which has not yet been ratified. 26. United States = American citizens.
27. TPP = Church organizations.
Two: I’m going to appoint the toughest and smartest trade negotiators to fight on behalf of American workers (28). 28. American Workers = American citizens standing up for their rights against churches (tax-exemption, non-compete clauses, etc.).
Three: I’m going to direct the Secretary of Commerce (29) to identify every violation (30) of trade agreements a foreign country is currently using to harm our workers. I will then direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under American and international law to end these abuses (31). 29. Secretary Commerce = Secretary of Faith, no longer a free ride with no checks and balances.
30. Identify Violations = Faith Violations, every Christian practice not based on what Jesus taught.
31. End Abuses = Church abuses; every tool must be used to end church abuses against citizens.
The era of economic surrender will finally be over (32).
A new era of prosperity will finally begin (33).
America will be independent once more (34). (p.18)
32. Economic Surrender = Churches unaccountable. 
33. New Era = Communities will prosper when churches end.
34. America Independent = Believers independent; free to serve their communities.
We will also get rid of wasteful rules and regulations (35) which are destroying our job creation capacity (36). (p.19) 35. Rules Regulations = Non-Biblical church rules and regulations.
36. Job Creation = New converts; churches have impeded Christianity’s growth.
On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy (37), we are going to put America First again (38). (p.20) 37. Trade Policy = Policy between churches and America.
38. America First = Our communities first instead churches. Churches should be viewed as “trading partners” through whom America and our communities have gotten the bad-end of the stick.
We are going to reject Hillary Clinton’s politics of fear, futility, and incompetence (39). (p.20) 39. Reject Fear = We are made for JOY, learning, and competence before God, not the futility that fear breads, i.e. not waiting on the Antichrist, which makes us incompetent.
We are going to embrace the possibilities of change (40). (p.20) 40. Possibility Change = Change God’s mind, change negative outcomes, i.e. Nineveh.
It is time to believe in the future (41). (p.20) 41. Believe Future = Hope, positive outcomes, a Millennium of Peace – yes it’s time!
It is time to Believe In America (42). (p.21) 42. Believe America = Yes it is time for Christians to believe in, and work within their communities. Our communities are not the enemy, they should not be feared, avoided, and abhorred [Churches that are converted to Community Centers will seem familiar and therefore friendly.].
This Is How We Are Going To Make America Great Again – For All Americans (43). (p.21) 43. All Americans = Yes, great for all citizens and all communities and not just those that attend a church.
We Are Going To Make America Great Again (44) For Everyone (45). (p.21)

44. Great Again = Christianity great. In truth, she has not been “great” because she was hi-jacked early on by leaders and their own agendas (Acts 16:4, 2Thes.2:7).
45. For Everyone = When Christianity does what she was designed to do, EVERYONE will benefit.