Howard Pittman

Howard Pittman was a pastor of 35 years and a police officer for 25 years when he had a Near Death Experience that caused him to come face-to-face with God. He was shown the state of the Church and many things which he wrote about in his book Placebo. He authored other books, particularly about the workings of Satan. The following prophecy comes from his book Placebo:

God is now in the process of recruiting an ARMY with which God will shake this old world one more time. By working through his soldiers, God will produce great miracles that will shake the established hierarchy of the so-called organized religion that is in this world today. These soldiers that God is now recruiting will demonstrate the power of God to a greater extent than did the disciples in the Pentecostal age. Now the recruitment has begun in earnest because God is about to perform the great miracles through his ARMY that God promised us God would do in the Bible. John the Baptist brought the spirit of Elijah into this world and he did not even know he had it. John denied it, but Jesus confessed that it was so. The purpose of that spirit was to make straight the paths of the coming of the Lord (Howard Pittman, Placebo, Chapter 12).