Religion of Slavery

In the coming days The Army of the Lord will confront naysayers, the defiant, and anyone who willfully chooses to disobey God. God’s camp is based in freedom, love, and what is fair for everyone. It has always been this way. In some instances, He chose a group to exemplify His love and they were held to a higher standard. 

This included certain particulars (tenets) when compiled together we it a “religion.” The Jews are one example, everyone else is expected to abide by the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule system of life is, by all accounts, the most lenient and freest of all systems of religion. And if a person correctly abides by the Golden Rule, they are guaranteed passage into Heaven where they will enjoy a similar environment. Contrast this arrangement with the ugly alternative – self-appointed Enemies of God. The Enemies of God are those who disavow the Golden Rule, they are: liars, thieves, cheaters, whoremongers, murderers, etc.

A example of the Golden Rule is laboring by the “sweat of your brow” rather than taking what is not yours. Haters of love, i.e. haters of the true God seek shortcuts when they make contracts with the Devil. What system, arrangement, or religion does the Devil have? His is the “Religion of Slavery.” Whereas the true God allows us to do whatever we want so long as it does not break the Golden Rule, the false god requires obedience to whatever he says and is bound by no rules.

Speaking of the Afterlife, the Haters of God are so blind they never think to ask where they will go in the Afterlife and what it will be like there. God has provided many testimonies and promises, both ancient and modern of what His provided Afterlife is like and people look forward to live there. Where are the testimonies and promises (ancient or modern) of what type of Afterlife the Devil offers? There aren’t any.

The contempt his slaves have for simple Common Sense is staggering. Why would you sell your soul and become a slave to a liar who can offer nothing in the Afterlife? Here’s a wake-up call the soldiers in The Army of the Lord can offer the shortsighted:

  • Do you enjoy seeing blue skies? You’ll never see them in hell – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy seeing the sun, moon, stars, and unlimited space? You’ll never see those again, only a cramped jail space in hell – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy the fresh air? You will never experience a breath of fresh air – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy a cool breeze? You will never experience a cool breeze – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy food? You will never enjoy another meal – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy the smell of fresh bread, freshly brewed coffee, or a rose? You will never smell anything but sulfur and rotting flesh – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, body surfing, or walking in the ocean, a stream, lake, or river? You will never experience any form of water – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy the sounds of nature? You will never hear those ever again – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy the snow, skiing, or hanging out in the lodge? You will never enjoy any of those – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy going on vacations and seeing the wonderful new sights? You will only see a prison cell – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy the company of friends? You will never converse with another person – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy a nice cold beer, fine wine, or champagne? Your lips and tongue will never taste any of that – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy fine clothes, different hair styles, etc.? You will never wear another piece of clothing, or don another hair style – they will all be burned off your spiritual body – forever more.
  • Do you enjoy a variety of music or perhaps can play a musical instrument? You will never hear so much as note in hell, never see, let alone hold nor play a musical instrument. Only the screams of the damned as their flesh continually burns, regrows, burns, regrows – forever more.

Such are the bona fide reports, both ancient and modern, of the future Afterlife for the Enemies of God. Worst of all, there is zero freedom in hell:

  • No recourse.
  • No hope.
  • No freedom.
  • No where to go.
  • No way to leave – forever more.

Some fringe benefits for Lovers of God are:

  • Truth
  • Promises
  • Recourse
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Light
  • Life

Next time you are confronted by an Enemy of God and the Golden Rule inform them of what’s waiting for them in the Afterlife and encourage them to use some Common Sense and get on the side of the Golden Rule and use the precious blood of Jesus to blot out all traces of hate from their past so they can make it into Heaven.