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August 1, 2021

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[thank you make sure make sure I’m on can you all hear me back there that’s yup good great great have a seat have a seat and and and I uh because we were just talking about how many people are on facebook or whatever and I as I was sitting over here just a few minutes ago I said shoot I have about 250 000 people on telegram so I just pushed that out live and I put and I have about another 200 000 on cloud hub it’s another social media site and a million and a half I’m on uh parlor so I just pushed that out so maybe we got millions of people out there]

I want to start off by just telling you a little bit about who I am because I think that you know there’s been a lot of definitions of Mike Flynn and who Mike Flynn is, who General Flynn is, and then I’m gonna tell you a little bit about where I think we are in the country today and then I’m gonna leave you with a message; I’m gonna leave you with a message at the end. My life has been really blessed.

The last four years have actually been about four lifetimes, and the things that got me through that were faith, family, and what I call true friendship, true friendship. I’ve redefined what friendship means to me. My wife and I have been together since we were 13 years old. I know she’s out she’s out there watching tonight. We just had our 40th anniversary, and we just had our fourth grandchild.

We are we are probably stronger today than we’ve ever been in our lives because of our faith, and the one thing that I tell people as I get into this story about not only who I am, but it’s really a story about America, because its everything that we are today—it about our country; it has to be about our country. I will tell you, there’s one thing that is more precious than freedom, vastly more precious than freedom. They can take away your freedom; your faith they can never take away.

So I am one of nine children I’m right in the middle. My father was a World War II and a Korea veteran. My legacy, my family’s legacy is really a legacy of service to the military. I had a grandfather that served in the navy for 40 years. I had another grandfather that served in World War II. He was missing in action, and then they found him in action. Thank God for that, that’s was World War I. So my father’s a World War II career war veteran; he retired out of the Army as a Sergeant.

We went on to have nine children. I was actually born on a military base—Fort Meade, Maryland—one one little sidebar, this is about all freedom loving people, all faithful people, around the world that love this country and want to see our country stand strong; that’s what this is about.

So when I talk about family, faith was really what got us through. I mean when you talk about, for those that understand or know, Psalm 23: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of darkness, thou art with me.” I mean, I lived in that valley; my wife and I lived in that valley together, but we never, never, lost sight of our faith. And we never lost sight of our faith because like we like to say in the Flynn family, “Fight like a Flynn,” and you stand, you stand against them—the flynns, in our particular clan, and our brood—all of my brothers and sisters (I know they’re all listening tonight).

I love my family; family is is sacrosanct like many other rights and privileges that we have in this country. So family is something that is super important. As I progressed and decided to go into the military, I can tell you from the time I can remember I always wanted to serve in the military. It was probably partly how where I was born, following my father around while he was a Sergeant in the Army, and living on all these different places that I lived as a kid. And then moving back to my parents hometown, my mother and father—they grew up together, they grew up as as babies together—gave us a great example.

My father, Charlie Flynn (God rest his soul) taught us one thing in our in our family, and that was to treat others like you’d like to be treated, and that’s called the Golden Rule. And that’s the way we should live our lives every single day, is treat others like you would like to be treated. My mother was a brilliant woman, strong, big Pro-Life, was part of the whole national Pro-Life Movement way back, and she’s a terrific lady, God rest her soul, she just died a few years back at the age of 90; she had her wits right up until the last day, her body just gave out.

My mother taught all of us to be lifelong learners, never stop learning, keep at it, do not give up on whatever it is that’s out there—get smarter, get better, get more educated. You may not use that education that you get, you may just put it in your back pocket, but you have it if someday you need it.

So as I go through life, and I go through and as uh as General copeland I’m gonna I’m gonna talk a little bit about him here at the end but as General copeland says you know he was talking about flying airplanes for almost my entire career I was jumping out of them and uh so I’m uh actually blessed to be able to be standing up here because I’ve had a few bad bad jumps in the air into uh trees and and uh water and and whatnot and some pretty pretty uh dicey places service has always been about who I am and what I would tell you is that if I learned something over the last few years what I learned was that people were trying to define me people who are trying to define who you are and if there’s one thing if there’s one big message for me tonight to all of you especially young people that may be watching this do not let others define you you define yourself there’s a lot of there’s a there’s a god awful lot of pressure out there in the world today we’re facing four tensions the way I’ve kind of packaged in my own mind how I’m synthesizing what we are facing what we are facing today we’re facing four really very difficult tensions that are clashing using a military term we are facing four elements of warfare and what I want people to know as I go as I walk through these because I’m going to walk through them not in detail I’m just going to kind of wave top it but I’m going to give you some idea about what they are because they all have to do with every single aspect of our life I want people to know and especially those people that are listening in that can’t make it here tonight because all of you that are here tonight you I want you to go I want you to be exhausted by the end of this week just like we train for combat we train train train until we’re exhausted and then we go back and we train again you pray you listen you learn this week and you go back today tonight you come back tomorrow and do it again and by the end of this week I want you to be exhausted in prayer for the people that are out there that are that are listening around the world around the world we’re facing four things first is physical we have a physical war going on in this country and it’s the haves and the have-nots everybody sees it I mean there’s a health freedom drill that we’re being taken through by our own government everybody knows what I’m talking that’s a physical thing that’s happening to our children it’s happening to us it’s happening to our churches it’s very physical and that’s a component of the warfare that we are facing it is a massive tension that we all experience every single day the second tension or the second element of warfare that we are involved in is emotional this is very very emotional we have had in my own family my own extended family my wife has seven brothers and sisters I’ve got close to 50 nieces and nephews so this emotional upheaval that not only is happening in my own family and I know it’s happening in your family it’s happening to this entire country we are very emotional about what is happening and we should be especially as christians we should be emotional about this because it’s a removal of something that we deeply believe in it’s a removal of god from the very fabric of who we are as a nation this is a big difference very very emotional so we have physical and we have emotional this third element really is something that that I have had to study about and had to think about and it really has to do with our intellect and it’s intellectual component or intellectual warfare it’s this intellectual tension that we are going through some some would call it censorship some would call it fake news I mean what what you heard up here over the last hour about this this sort of freedom network is really what it is I mean vic the victory channel is about freedom so this intellectual component of warfare and where where this came to me and why I kind of I kind of packaged what it is that I’m talking about tonight like this because I listened to ronald reagan’s city shining city on a hill speech and I’ve listened to it a whole bunch of times and I started to think about as we do research because really what my bigger point is is that when you see something when you hear something like my father taught me believe half of what you hear and half of what you see right the other thing my father taught me is that there’s no atheists in a foxhole [Applause] so so intellectual ronald reagan gave a beautiful speech called shining city on the hill many people in this room most people out in the audience probably don’t know where does that come from so I dug I’m doing my intellectual rigor I’m doing my intellect intellectual research because I want to know and my point here is that if somebody says something to you and you just don’t believe it don’t believe it go dig go read go find out what is going on so I did so I did and I said who else talked about a city on a hill a guy by the name of winthrop a guy by the name of winthrop first he’s the founder of boston I’m from up in the state of rhode island where I grew up up in the new england area so winthrop in 1630 in 1630 bunch of ships getting ready to leave their country people that were fleeing because of being religiously persecuted they were being religiously persecuted and they were essentially getting out of dodge getting on board ships to cross the atlantic ocean didn’t know whether they were going to run into bad weather really no idea what was on the other side 1630 in winthrop winthrop gives a speech he gives a sermon it’s a beautiful sermon beautiful sermon you can look it up online he should should read the whole thing and that’s where he brings up the phrase city on a hill and it gets better he brings up a city on the hill but then he looks at everybody in his congregation before they boarded those ships to leave their very towns and leave their country because they believed in they believed in religion and and they believed in religious liberty that’s what they believed in he looked at everybody and he knew and he said some of you have very little means some of you have very little means some of you have a lot of means but we’re all equal crossing this atlantic going to this new country it wasn’t the united states of america remember it was 1630. so they didn’t know they were going to the new world intellectual warfare it’s probably one of the most important components or certainly it’s the second most important component because I’m going to talk to the to the first one here in a second intellectual warfare so I dig and where do I find city on the hill anybody you find it in the bible you find you find the quote anybody want to yell out who it is jesus it was matthew matthew jesus jesus gave him the inspiration like he gives me the inspiration to get up here and talk I walk up on this stage I have no idea what I’m gonna say I just know it’s flowing matthew matthew describes in the bible a city on a hill I’m digging I’m researching I’m trying to get away from the censorship I’m trying to get away from the fake news this battle that we are in this war that we are in is an intellectual war as much as it’s an emotional war as much as it’s a physical war the tension that is created in our families in our communities in our churches in our nation particularly in our nation the most important component though the most effective this is where when I come to something like this and I and I i hear the music I hear the stories and I really watch you wave in the flag I mean it’s it’s such an emotional thing for me is spiritual warfare okay so we have physical we have emotional and we have intellectual but the most important and it surrounds all of them is this idea of spiritual warfare this this is spiritual warfare this nation this nation the united states of america we are the shining city on the hill I want all the people watching this tonight I want all the people from around the world that are watching this tonight to know if you don’t have a voice I will be your voice we will be your voice if you don’t have a champion I will be your champion we will be your champions I do not I do not want people sitting home alone which they are tonight and feeling like they are they’re isolated because that’s what that’s what this these tensions that we are facing right now that’s what they are trying to do isolate us so I want everybody to know and when you leave here because I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna make a statement here a little bit about where I think we are and what I think you need to do but I think you need to do it I think all the people listening I do not want people to feel alone I want you to know in fact I know not everybody can serve there’s probably some veterans out there’s probably some people that have served in our in our law enforcement our first responder communities and other people who have served in other walks of life not everybody can serve in a way that that I did in the military that’s fine people come up to me all the time and say you know I never got a chance to serve and I don’t I say don’t worry about it how do you serve how do you serve how do you serve your own home how do you serve your family how do you serve your community how do you serve as a volunteer whatever it is that you do everybody has the talent to do something more we have we have people in this country today young people young people young people are we’re we’re we’re we’re just like a like a big swing they’re being swung from one side to the other and I was telling a story back there that if we in our recruiting of people to come into the military we have to go and talk to at least 100 we have to engage at least 100 young men or young women to get one to get one that’s the that’s the that’s the test right you’re a recruiter anybody that’s you see recruiting stations and malls around here they’ve got to go talk to 100 to get one the man that that gave me the honor to stand up here tonight he was one he was one and look at what he’s done I mean look at what he’s done it only takes one but I want I want everybody out there to know that we there are there are champions for you we exist for you all we need to know is that you’re you’re you’re praying I tell people that I’m standing here tonight because of the most powerful weapon system known to man and that’s prayer I know I know that there’s people in this room and I know that there’s people out in the uh virtual audience that prayed for my family and I i know that we participated with some of those but I could we could feel it we could feel it we could feel it and I will just tell you that as I have gone around and uh and spoken to different groups of people and getting a sense of america about what is happening and what we’re going through because we’re going through something that is is a it’s a difficult time it’s an unprecedented time in our history it is it is going to require more sacrifice it’s going to require you know the christian community to uh to really come alive like you’ve never like you’ve never come alive before there’s there are millions and millions and millions hundreds of millions actually of us and I i as one I i am not going to be persecuted I’m not going to be defined what I’m going to do is I’m going to do exactly what I’m doing I’m going to speak out about my faith I’m going to speak out about this country I’m going to speak out about our rights our constitutional rights I always tell this story before I uh before I start to to kind of exit here there’s a star right star has five points it’s an interesting story I honestly don’t know whether it’s true but I want to believe it because it goes way back the star right five points of the star and the star goes back to the time of jesus’s birth I was born on christmas eve okay so it goes back to the time of jesus birth where the magi followed a star and the star has five points those five points they are equivalent to the five wounds of jesus right two in the feet two in the hand and one in the rib cage as he as he didn’t bleed he is it was something else it was like a spirit that came out of him to allow us to understand sacrifice when we talk about sacrifice here I am talking about somebody who’s I don’t know a couple of thousand years old and I’m standing up here in fort worth texas talking about a man who sacrificed who gave up everything and here we are talking about them tonight you’re going to talk about them for the remainder of this week and you’re going to talk about them for the rest of your lives and I want I want I want people in this country because there’s a lot of christians that are that are not awake yet there’s a lot of pastors there’s a lot of preachers that have to wake up you’ve got to wake up so I’m going to read you something because I i wrote it first of all and I and I and I’ve thought about it it’s really really important to me and I want it to be important to you because it’s something that as I look at the landscape of america and I know I mean you’re looking at a person who has seen evil who has experienced the deepest levels of corruption and who has been all over this world fighting for sometimes for reasons that I don’t totally understand for people in many cases that don’t really care if you’re there and for objectives that you’re not really sure are or you’re able to accomplish you’re doing it because you’re serving somebody you’re serving this country men and women who sign up for the military young men and women who sign up for the military 18 years old they go down to that recruiter and they sign up to be a mechanic they sign up to be a truck driver they sign up to be a pilot they sign up to join the infantry they’re not signing up for something they’re signing up to give their very lives for this country that’s sacrifice jesus christ signed on the dotted line to give up his life for every single one of us don’t ever forget that this country is the city on the hill this country is the shining city on the hill and will forever be the shining city on the hill so I’m going to leave you I’m going to leave you with this because I believe everybody that knows me knows where I stand regarding the future of our republic our beautiful experiment in democracy called the united states of america however I firmly believe that the united states of america has lost sight of our creator and we are now we are now facing the truest of all tests god is putting us through this test he hasn’t left us this nation has walked away from him he’s still standing there and I sense that we no longer have a just government that rules in fear of god in fact in fact god has been ripped out of the womb that is mother america during the past several decades america has thrown the law of god out the window there has been a systematic intentional dismissal by the state by academia and by a select group of wealthy wealthy godless elites that set aside god’s law as the rule of law in america if this is true and the piety reflected by many in our religious leadership ranks keep congregations asleep in their pews we will lose our country as we know it forever as stated by our founding father john adams in 1798 our constitution is designed quote for a moral and religious people end quote if if the essence of liberty if the essence of liberty is a limited government then the positive actions then the positive actions and involvement of its free citizens will forever sustain our cause for freedom so christians viewers listeners citizens of america get involved get involved in your communities get involved in your families get involved in this country get involved in the lifeblood that makes this country go and that lifeblood is a judeo-christian set of principles and values that this country was founded upon your actions your actions all the thousands that are in this convention center and maybe all the millions of people that are going to watch this your actions at the local level will have a national impact [Applause] local action national impact you have to get involved you cannot keep we have to stop saying it’s their problem those people in washington dc or those people in austin or whatever state’s capital you come from or that you have in your state it’s not their problem it’s not the church’s problem it’s our problem it’s our problem we have to fix it we have to fix it and we can fix it remember this as I as I close beautiful lady came up to me the other day and said this to me and I and I i wrote it down because I just found it I found it true and and as I come in here tonight and met met uh ken copeland I mean it’s just an amazing amazing person but the quote goes an army of ten thousand is easy to find oh to find a General thank you General copeland thank you General copeland for all that you have done thank you for being the one who listened to that call and created this and it is going to be part of the awakening of america and the return to liberty god bless you and god bless america thank you so much thank you sir give him a hand one more time thank you

wow well you’ve been commissioned tonight you may be seated and you’ve been activated so now it’s time to deploy amen wow